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  • Despite your best efforts, your entire class seems to start experiencing a huge decline in motivation. What started out well, as you watched your students’ curiosities be heightened, now feels like an attempt to lift something well beyond your capacity.

    You’re experiencing “the dip,” and it is a common occurrence.

    You may very well not have done anything wrong, to cause this to happen. However, there are plenty of strategies you can use to bring the motivation back in a course.

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  • The modern workplace’s vogue is informal information exchange. We sit in open floor plan offices so that we can spontaneously collide, chat, and collaborate. An office setup for generating ideas can be fizzy and energizing, though when sparks aren’t flying, the colliding can be noisy and distracting.

    Jeff Bezos takes a totally different approach to management, far from that madding crowd. He has a contrarian management technique that’s peculiarly old school — write it down.

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  • There are many ways to reduce stress levels; going for a walk, listening to music or drinking tea are all popular ways of winding down. None of these will come as much of a surprise, but have you considered the stress reducing benefits of regular reading?

    A 2009 study by the University of Sussex found that reading for just six minutes can reduce stress levels by up to 68%. (The Telegraph, March 2009)

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  • Are you wondering how marketing on top social media platforms will change this year?

    Social media is constantly evolving to reflect the needs and preferences of customers and marketers alike.

    To find out how marketing on Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Snapchat will transform in the coming year, we reached out to expert social media professionals to get their thoughts.

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  • “For example, all of us can relate to how we moved, in financial record-keeping, from paper processes to our present reconceptualized approach. First, we duplicated the by-hand processes and forms into a digital format, including all the checking and rechecking by people. Only when we had convinced ourselves that a digital world was possible, that it was reliable, and that the output was valid did we rethink the process of what needed to be done and for what purpose. Only then did we redesign the approval process, for instance, to include human checking only when required by best practice under audit standards. At that point, true reconceptualization (reengineering, disruption) occurred.”

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  • “Used mainly for Y7 personally, use the ticket throughout lessons so students can see and share improvement. Can use traffic light colours to also show progress.”

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  • “Children improve at maths when instruction engages their own bodies. This is one of the findings from a recent study coming from the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports. The results also document that children require individualised learning strategies.”

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