Group Link Post 01/23/2017

  • Example Games to Evaluate, Graphic Organizers for Planning

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  • At the start of each year we arrive back from our break hopefully rested and energised. The new year brings many new opportunities including new students, new team members and new teaching programmes. We begin again the climb up the hill with a fresh group of learners arriving at our doors full of excitement who will rely on us to meet their learning needs in the year ahead. All of this means we are at risk of starting the year with a certain level of panic. There is so much to do, our students are not accustomed to our routines, we don’t know each other well, there are parents to meet, assessments to be done and before we know it we are back to being busy. 

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  • “Create quiz questions for your pupils to answer on their own devices via the browser using a class code or a link. Unlike many another platforms, you create a quiz by ticking individual questions, which gives you much greater flexibility. See analytics of your pupils’ performance instantly.”

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