Group Link Post 12/19/2016

  • This looks like a really great approach to small group work – I’d be interested to know what experience others have of using it.

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  • As teachers we hope our lessons are engaging and that our students are engaged. We understand that positive learning experiences are more likely to occur when we are engaged cognitively and affectively by what we are doing and that when we are, new ideas and skills are more likely to stick. Engagement is an important consideration in learning and as such it is worth taking time to consider what it means to be engaged and perhaps how we bring the benefits of engagement to our teaching and our learning. 

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  • “Warning: Surfing the internet in class is now linked to poorer test scores, even among the most intelligent and motivated of students.
    Michigan State University researchers studied laptop use in an introductory psychology course and found the average time spent browsing the web for non-class-related purposes was 37 minutes. Students spent the most time on social media, reading email, shopping for items such as clothes and watching videos.”

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  • Back in 2011 I was working in the Middle East
    when a colleague introduced me to Twitter as a
    tool for professional development and connecting
    with fellow educators. Prior to this I was aware of
    Facebook and Twitter, however I considered both
    as being about nothing more than apps for sharing
    cute cat videos and status updates. I had a Twitter
    account for years, however hadn’t thought about
    how it might be a powerful tool to help me become
    a better educator and provide me with a wealth of
    new ideas and resources which I previously had not
    had access to. I had barely used the account beyond
    the initial setup…

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