Group Link Post 08/22/2016

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  • Excellent article on where we are (could not use diigo highlight) 
     research suggests that experts literally don’t have conscious access to 70% of what they do.
    In well-defined domains, like mathematics and programming, we’ve created intelligent tutoring systems that can develop specific outcomes, but even those have problems transferring into practice.
    Real learning comes from approaching complex problems, experimenting with alternatives, and accessing resources in the process of solving them

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  • Never has the theme of wellbeing been so much in vogue! And it’s really no surprise why. The presence and prevalence of the wellbeing ‘movement’ is growing fast among the teaching profession and beyond. As teachers, we have one of the most privileged and fulfilling roles – to nurture, engage, inspire, and motivate the children we teach. It’s a profession full of dedicated, talented people who commit so much of themselves striving to make a difference, to have an impact.

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