Group Link Post 08/20/2016

  • I tried to think of a different way of titling this post, I wasn’t keen on the word ‘surviving’ but the more I thought about it, the more I realised that actually, you really do feel like you’re surviving… Just about. I’ve been onto Twitter, Instagram and even scrolled through my personal Facebook a few times to discover that Teacher Training Nerves are setting in. Now, I know you’ve probably (definitely) heard some complete horror stories but let’s begin with an open mind. Having just completed the PGCE, I totally understand why you are so nervy and that is why I’ve created this post… So, sit back, take a deep breath and repeat “I can do this”…

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  • Ever wonder how your co-worker gets so much done in so little time? They know how to put their time to best use. In this episode Josh and Shelby talk with productivity expert Laura Vanderkam about the weekend habits of highly productive people. Learn how being mindful about your 48-hour weekend can make it feel longer and more productive. Vanderkam shares ways to take advantage of your weekends and why tracking your time can be a difference maker. Plus Josh and Shelby discuss the three myths that are killing your productivity, and what you can do to overcome your limited time.

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