Group Link Post 12/29/2014

  • A wonderful Dr Who online game where players use basic coding ideas to complete levels. (UK Only)

    Tags: sci-fi, coding, programming

  • A fun online Spirograph, great for maths lessons, looking at cogs and cams in D&T and pop culture in art.

    Tags: maths, art

  • A superb app for any one looking at learning basic Mandarin Chinese. Play the game to listen and see the language. There are many different types of questions, but most are multiple choice or click and drag from a selection of choices. Questions start out easy and there is support and ‘hint’ buttons to help you. You can download each lesson as you reach it, or download everything if you plan to use it offline. All the language you have met is stored in a word bank and use your microphone to compare your pronunciation to the recordings.

    Tags: Mandarin, Chinese, languages, mfl

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