Group Link Post 04/28/2013

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  • Create a skeleton for developing a Chrome extension to distribute to your students.

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  • Make regular content more ubiquitous with hosted/packaged browser apps and/or Chrome extensions. RSS feeds, Google Forms for daily journals, flip video…whatever you can think of!

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  • 2:50 video and article about a new Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion Plant to be built in China by Lockheed Martin. It will be the worlds largest.

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  • This online game is a favorite! It works great on your interactive whiteboard, too!

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  • I’ve started creating a table of important skills, some derived from the Padagogy Wheel, and actions, some derived from iPad As… What I am planning to highlight is that there are many apps that can be use for many purposes and for developing many skills. For example, I have already added “Explain Everything” to 9 categories as I see it as a multifunctional app and one worth its price because of the educational benefits it provides. Over the coming months I plan to add text descriptions to each category to explain how the apps listed address the skill or action they have been linked to and may also link them to other online sources that show them in action. I’ll also provide direct links to the App Store, as I always do on this blog when I mention apps so you can check them out yourself if you want.

    Now this sounds like a big task and it is. So I do need some help. What do I want from you? Anything you can give. Just add them to the comments of this post.

    Examples of apps that help to develop specific skills
    Additional skills I haven’t listed here
    Examples of apps that are multifunctional.
    Explanations of good pedagogical practice with apps. Don’t worry, all credit will go to you when I include your suggestions.
    Links to blog posts, websites, Youtube tutorials, open wikis, nings etc that promote good practice that I can link to from here.
    Examples on add ons like bookmarklets for curation sites, websites that work well with iPads ( Flash-free) that can still be categorised under these headings for iPad use.
    Spread the word regularly through Twitter, Facebook, Curation sites like Pinterest and Scoop-It to keep educators coming back.

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